Sunday, May 1, 2011

A little about my family

This has been a lazy Sunday... I enjoyed some cuddle time with my boy - he's 10 and spent the weekend away with his Uncle. I missed him! He has a school holiday tomorrow and I have to work - booyah! I should have blogged yesterday, but I spent all my "alone time" after work reading a ton of new blogs! I am so addicted to blogs! My son asks why I want to read about people I don't know - I tell him it's like reading great books! I also do it to be entertained and inspired! I still haven't figured out what to post or what I want to say, or how much to share. I pride myself in being quick-witted, but when I click to post - "I got nothing"! I guess I will go read more blogs for inspiration! I will leaver you with a few facts - I am a single mom - not the way it was supposed to be - but my son is my life and he is my reason for being! His Dad is not very involved in his life, very sad... My brother and I are very close and he is an adoring Uncle. He is not married and has no kids of his own, so he treats my son like his own - lives vicariously through him also! Our parents and grandparents are all in Heaven - Daddy since 1982, Mom since 2008. So my immediate family is just my son and my brother. Despite all the loss - we are so very blessed to have each other... Bye for now... Blessings...

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