Friday, May 13, 2011

10 Tidbits of T in Texas

Well, it has been a while since I had anything interesting to blog about. I have also been really tired and battling some chronic back and neck pain. Pain is no bueno... I think I will post some random facts about me!

1. I really dislike talking on the phone. I enjoy keeping up with my friends, but I prefer to do that via text or facebook. I only have one friend that requires a marathon phone conversation because we usually have too much to talk about to text. I do it for her, 'cos I love her!

2. Friday night is my favorite night of the week, but I opted out of a celebratory gathering with friends so that I could chill at home and read blogs and catch up on facebook and pop culture!

3. I am addicted to makeup, yet I rarely wear it. We're talking only for very special occasions. Yet I look at what is new and trendy almost daily. I am usually loyal to one brand at a time. In my twenties and early thirties, it was all Este Lauder. By my mid-thirties, it was all Mary Kay. A few years later, I switched to all Lancome. Now I am ALL Bare Escentuals, sans my Too Faced eye makeup primer and my Balm Blush that is really similar to NARS famous Orgasm. I'm not sure it's enough like it to satisfy, so it's currently sitting in my Sephora and Ulta online shopping carts. I am pretty sure I have to have Urban Decay's Naked pallette, too!

4. I have naturally curly hair and used to think it was cool that people paid hundreds of dollars to get hair like mine. Well, now if I want beautiful straight hair, it's gonna cost hundreds of dollars! Thinking Brazillian Blowout and the products to keep it looking good! Ironically, the great product my stylist just turned me on to - "It's a 10" has my curls looking pretty good!

5. Today is Friday the 13th and that meant for unusual happenings in my ER today. Hoping Saturday the 14th is less weird...

6. I have a million favorite songs. Not sure I could pick just one favorite. I have very eclectic taste in music. My Mix CD's are well known - all the way back to the days they were cassette tapes before CD's.

7. I hope my son doesn't make some of the same small town mistakes I did, or his father did.

8. I wish my son's Dad would stand up for what is right and man up and be a Dad instead of cowering down to his insanely jealous/selfish wife who happens to have been one of my college roomies.

9. I can't believe my life could be written into an episode of Jerry Springer! I am not exactly happy or bragging about this...

10. I am currently obsessed with the following words or phrases I have recently read on other blogs! They are: amazeballs; ahhmazeballs; hot mess; word vomit (which this post kind of is!); Whiskey Tango Foxtrot; Please be gentle on me or I'm gonna have to go all buckwild crazy on your ass! That's pretty much all... Here I am just "living the dream"...

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  1. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog!
    It's always so nice to meet a new fellow blogger! Welcome to the most friendly and appreciative community I have ever met.
    As for the makeup addiction, I relate! I keep buying MAC even though I never wear it! It's like it is now reproducing in my cupboard and I have no control!