Saturday, April 14, 2012

Little League and Mama's heart

It took me a minute to realize that the #10 that stepped up to the pitchers plate for the very first time EVER was MY #10... My heart swelled with pride and nervous anticipation as Coach Dermody and Coach Dutton had to take your wrist wraps off (weren't really planning to debut pitching) - and I got a lump in my throat when Dylan got a good hit off your pitch (yes I cheer for both sides) - and you did good my boy - considering you've never pitched in a game or anywhere besides privately - but the look of defeat in your eyes hurts my heart and I don't EVER want to see that look again. I saw the same look when you struck out - and I KNOW you can knock it out of the park consistently - I have seen you do it - keep your head up and be proud. FOCUS! What's worse for my heart is hearing you say "That was Crap" (slightly edited) as you grabbed another gear and changed to go be Unk's number 1 man catering... Some days are crap, baby - but you are destined for SO MUCH MORE and you gotta believe in yourself and not assume it's always "crap"... I know I will see defeat in your eyes in many more walks of life - but the lesson here is to shake it off and BELIEVE in yourself as much as I believe in YOU! And that my love - is with my whole heart today and EVERY DAY... I love you Logan Bailey... I am blessed to be your Mama!