Saturday, June 18, 2011

I got nothing - so I'm copying a lame ass note from facebook

So Kirk was going through my finances and asked me what a $180.00 charge in Brackettville was for. Me: my storage room. Him (with a shocked look): You still have that? Me: Yup - this month makes 11 years, I really need my stuff from there. Him: I bet it's all rotted. Me: No I spent a sh-boatload of money on storage totes and besides, Jennifer has been in there. Him: Who's Jennifer? Me: the lady that works there Him: shakes his head and walks away... Pretty sure he mentioned he hoped I didin't bring all that sh-stuff here! To which I called out as he closed my door: That stuff is important. Pictures, yearbooks, 5 err maybe 10 totes of shoes that will surely come back around, my trunk that a BFF knows to destroy if I die, my Croscill Bed and Bath stuff that's like brand new, the King Size bed that was researched for a month before an actual purchuse... My Stuff man! And no - it's not $180/mo - I just usually forget to pay until Jennifer sends me a reminder note! I cringe at the money wasted, but DUDE - it's MY STUFF! 32 years worth - all the important stuff PRE-LOGAN! I was gonna scan (aka take a picture of a picture) - of said STUFF but I can't because they all have people in them that would just create way too much drama and scandal! But looking through the pics reminded me of the most treasured pre-baby collection: My Rocking Horse's that I almost forgot I used to collect and all my wall art... WOW - I really want my SH-Tuff!!!

So Kirk is my brother that is way smarter at math than me, thus he balances my bank account. He also cooks like a bazillian times better than me... No kidding - he has a BBQ joint and catering business, but he cooks non-BBQ things, too. He's also a competition cook and he and my son love traveling to cook-offs. Me - not as much, but sometimes! I should also state he is an amazing uncle - affectionately called "Unk"...

Logan - well he's my 10 - closer to 11 year old reason for living... My life... My charming and precious boy... Ar least to me and most! He's full of life and if a song comes on - any song from any source - he's sure to bust a move! He's a Pee-wee football sack master and is becoming a pretty good baseball player - which would be why there were at least 3 occasions I spent about $400.00 at Academy. Crazy ridiculous! Not all baseball - lots of Under Armour that he wears daily and lots of shoes since he wears a MENS size 9.5. Really crazy!

Recovery is going pretty well - my incision is officially and ugly scar - but I can already say the surgery was a success, Friday was Day 11. I had a reaction to the skin glue and to the adhesives of all the different tapes used for bandages. Weird that I am allergic, yet at work I handle the same tape - a lot! I was supposed to be off 4 weeks, but the follow-up appointment is slightly less than 6 weeks. Probably for the best. I have full range of motion and my voice has pretty much returned to normal from the post-op hoarseness.

I realize I gotta step this blog up! It needs pics and more frequent posts and I need to get better at commenting on blogs. I recently starting Google Reader. Can you believe I used to go to each individual blog that was saved to my favorites? Crazy! But I don't know how to comment from Reader.

Shout out to GOGE - I will try to comment again very soon. Blessings my friends! I definitely pray for everyone!

P.S. Yes I love with my brother in my childhood home. My Mom and my son and I crashed his remodeled bachelor pad when Mom's home was destroyed by stachybotrys and at the same time as my ex and I sort of split because I wanted more for my son and I.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Blogger comments

I am still not able to post comments on certain blogs. I keep being asked to sign in, then I do and it repeats or posts the comment from anonymous and not from me... Grrr...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Survived ACDF

Well friends - my neck surgery went well. There were a few issues - surgery was delayed several hours, so my brother and son left me alone and went and did guy stuff. The OR nurse was to call him once I went in to the OR, then was supposed to call him back once I was in recovery. I don't know if he got the call or just showed up back in time - but he was plenty pissed my Neurosurgeon was not there to tell him how it went like he had said he would. This was due to an emergency surgery he had to do. Anyway - he showed up after that case was done and my family had left - it had been a long day - but he was kind enough to call my brother and give him the low-down... I thought that was pretty cool of him, and not something he HAD to do. Appreciate my MD! There are some funny moments throughout the surgery - but that's a whole other post and I am probably breaking some rule lap-topping 3 days post-op... More to come...

Friday, June 3, 2011


On Monday, June 6, 2011 I will be having neck surgery. Specifically anterior cervical discectomy and fusion of C6-C7. I have been having neck pain for almost 2 years and a recent MRI showed worsening of the spinal stenosis that is compressing my spinal cord. This causes my left shoulder to hurt/spasm and sometimes I get a numbness and tingling that goes down my right arm to my pinkie finger. I have lower back damage, too - but the risks outweigh the benefits for that procedure at this time. The neck surgery has a much better success rate and the recovery is not expected to be too bad. I trust my surgeon and am looking forward to having this behind me! Blessings to my followers!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

can't comment???

Ugh - to GOGE - I am trying to comment thanking you for following me and to tell you I love your "Ripples" post and it keeps asking me to sign in to my google account (which I stay signed on) and then redirects. I tried to comment on my own post that you commented on - and it does the same thing! So it's not you, it's ME! So frustrated!

I will do a new post later - I have been MIA and not a very dedicated blogger! So Thanks to those that have stuck around!