Saturday, June 18, 2011

I got nothing - so I'm copying a lame ass note from facebook

So Kirk was going through my finances and asked me what a $180.00 charge in Brackettville was for. Me: my storage room. Him (with a shocked look): You still have that? Me: Yup - this month makes 11 years, I really need my stuff from there. Him: I bet it's all rotted. Me: No I spent a sh-boatload of money on storage totes and besides, Jennifer has been in there. Him: Who's Jennifer? Me: the lady that works there Him: shakes his head and walks away... Pretty sure he mentioned he hoped I didin't bring all that sh-stuff here! To which I called out as he closed my door: That stuff is important. Pictures, yearbooks, 5 err maybe 10 totes of shoes that will surely come back around, my trunk that a BFF knows to destroy if I die, my Croscill Bed and Bath stuff that's like brand new, the King Size bed that was researched for a month before an actual purchuse... My Stuff man! And no - it's not $180/mo - I just usually forget to pay until Jennifer sends me a reminder note! I cringe at the money wasted, but DUDE - it's MY STUFF! 32 years worth - all the important stuff PRE-LOGAN! I was gonna scan (aka take a picture of a picture) - of said STUFF but I can't because they all have people in them that would just create way too much drama and scandal! But looking through the pics reminded me of the most treasured pre-baby collection: My Rocking Horse's that I almost forgot I used to collect and all my wall art... WOW - I really want my SH-Tuff!!!

So Kirk is my brother that is way smarter at math than me, thus he balances my bank account. He also cooks like a bazillian times better than me... No kidding - he has a BBQ joint and catering business, but he cooks non-BBQ things, too. He's also a competition cook and he and my son love traveling to cook-offs. Me - not as much, but sometimes! I should also state he is an amazing uncle - affectionately called "Unk"...

Logan - well he's my 10 - closer to 11 year old reason for living... My life... My charming and precious boy... Ar least to me and most! He's full of life and if a song comes on - any song from any source - he's sure to bust a move! He's a Pee-wee football sack master and is becoming a pretty good baseball player - which would be why there were at least 3 occasions I spent about $400.00 at Academy. Crazy ridiculous! Not all baseball - lots of Under Armour that he wears daily and lots of shoes since he wears a MENS size 9.5. Really crazy!

Recovery is going pretty well - my incision is officially and ugly scar - but I can already say the surgery was a success, Friday was Day 11. I had a reaction to the skin glue and to the adhesives of all the different tapes used for bandages. Weird that I am allergic, yet at work I handle the same tape - a lot! I was supposed to be off 4 weeks, but the follow-up appointment is slightly less than 6 weeks. Probably for the best. I have full range of motion and my voice has pretty much returned to normal from the post-op hoarseness.

I realize I gotta step this blog up! It needs pics and more frequent posts and I need to get better at commenting on blogs. I recently starting Google Reader. Can you believe I used to go to each individual blog that was saved to my favorites? Crazy! But I don't know how to comment from Reader.

Shout out to GOGE - I will try to comment again very soon. Blessings my friends! I definitely pray for everyone!

P.S. Yes I love with my brother in my childhood home. My Mom and my son and I crashed his remodeled bachelor pad when Mom's home was destroyed by stachybotrys and at the same time as my ex and I sort of split because I wanted more for my son and I.

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