Thursday, October 6, 2011


I haven't posted in forever... I have been in a funk, but today I am begging you to pray for my sweet cousin Carmen Preston. Carmen is a 9 year survivor of a double lung transplant as a result of being born with Cystic Fibrosis. Carmen has done remarkably well, up to now. Today, she is in a fight for her life. Actually, she has been in battle for about 6 days now. Carmen had been feeling bad for a couple weeks, so she went to Houston to see her specialists and they determined pneumonia in both lungs and then discovered that she is in acute rejection. Carmen is also having acute renal failure and is battling a major infection that they do not know the source of. Carmen is on life support and is on continuous dialysis for her kidneys. She hit a plateau and there were a couple of days that the MD's felt like they were doing all they could do and Carmen's "ultimate healing" would be in Heaven and not here on Earth. Carmen has experienced near death experiences and her family have seen "God whispers" during this crisis, as well as pre-transplant. Carmen and her sister, Madolyn and parents, Debbie and Kerry are believers and Carmen is very blessed. Today's report was not very positive, but I just got a text that Carmen responded to her father's voice and was trying to mouth the words of her beloved child - her faithful dog named "Volt" - named after John Travolta! Anyway - this is HUGE and I am asking everyone to pray for Carmen and her family. Pray for peace that surpasses all understanding, and for total healing - even if that means Heaven for our precious girl. Carmen is a fighter, but I know that unless she can come home completely herself, then she would be content to reside in God's kingdom. Faith in Christ is what is sustaining this girl and her family, and while we all want her to come back to us, we also respect God's plan and His will for our girl. Please pray that Carmen rests and for strength for her parents and sister. While their faith is steadfast, their bodies must be growing weary... Thanks and God Bless in advance...


  1. God's will be done. I pray Carmen is being kept comfortable and that her family is able to be strong.

  2. I really like how you wrote all of that. It was very well said. Your prayer requests are well defined and well put. Helps me define my own struggles. I will join you in prayer for Carmen..... Bless you all....

  3. nice post! thanks for sharing...God bless you