Monday, December 12, 2011


So it's my birthday... I'm 44... Has not been the best, but I guess it hasn't been the worst... Tomorrow marks the 3rd anniversary of my Mom's passing and the 22nd marks the 29th year of my Daddy's passing... On this day 29 years ago was the last good day I ever had with my Dad. I don't much like my birthday. I don't mind getting older - I just don't like the actual day... I suspect next year will really suck as Daddy was 45 when he passed and I will be 45 and appreciate just how young he was... My son will be 12 and that is how young my brother was when Dad died... I miss my parents so, so much...


  1. Today is my sister's birthday. As of Dec. 3rd, my mom has been gone for 40 years. My dad died in 2004. I can only think of the joy they are now living-no pain, no sorrow. It is only those (us) left behind who grieve. I can see why December is not your month. *hugs*

  2. I guess we can't help but remember times of the year and how we felt... Happy or sad... I have some of these triggers myself and I assume I'll only have more as I get older... Missing someone is hard... I guess just take good care of yourself during those days and maybe do something for YOU... wishing you all the best today and always...