Sunday, July 17, 2011

Friends, must have make-up and SOA

It's late, so I will make this quick... Had a wonderful evening with great friends, cool beverages, and amazing food... It was really my first outing in almost 6 weeks since my neck surgery. My neck is doing well... My already jacked up lower back showed evidence of undesired change. I will have another MRI with contrast. At this time, I am will be able to return to work August 1. Anyway, I did full make-up before the evenings festivities... While largely and exclusively I wear Bare Escentuals - I did recently purchase Too Faced tinted Primed and Poreless. It looked too dark going on, but was easily remedied by the BE minerals. It's good stuff! I also use T00 Faced eye shadow primer and it's great! Another new discovery was BE's Well Rested for the eye area - like it, too... But my favorite new things are the Benefit High Beam highlighter for cheeks and the famed Nars Orgasm Blush. I know, crazy name - but it is great! I mixed a charcoal BE eye shadow with a bright gold one and the look was cool for evening... Thanks to Kelli Camfield for teaching me that combo! Love it! Self portraits didn't work so well - so no photos... I KNOW I have to step up the photos and fun on this blog very soon! Honestly, I haven't really figured it all out! Anyway - as for the makeup - if you only splurge on one thing - make it the High Beam! It adds so much depth! The blush is great, but they do make several cheaper brands that are pretty close - one of which is The Balm in Hot Mama. Now - with that all said - I'm going to wind down with an episode of Sons of Anarchy on Netflix. I know it's gritty and has explicit content - but I have watched all 3 previous seasons and can't wait for Season 4! Don't judge me! Blessings...

PS - I had to miss a small gathering of my 25th Reunion Classmates that met up on the Riverwalk in San Antonio - and I am sad about that - but I just don't think I am ready for a road trip. I also think my employers might frown on me having so much fun while on medical leave. But to my credit - I would already be back to work if they would let me - but I cannot go back with a weight-lifting restriction... It was a stretch to get my surgeon to agree to August 1...

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  1. Neck surgery?? OUCH!

    I haven't watched Sons of Anarchy but everyone talks about it. I should probably watch it!

    Thanks for your advice yesterday with my leg burn. =)